About Us


Tracey Hasz

Tracey has owned and cared for animals all her life.  She was raised on a dairy farm in West Central Wisconsin where she was surrounded by all types of animals and pets.  On the farm she had cows, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks and hogs.  As an adult, Tracey has always had house pets too.  She’s owned and field trail trained a wonderful Golden Retriever, raised birds and is currently owned by Stache, her sweet kitty.  After college Tracey was also trained in beginning dog grooming.  In a shop in Hudson, WI she handled the bathing, brushing, and nail trimming.  One Tracey’s favorite things is to take dogs to one of Dane Counties wonderful dog parks.

In 2017, Tracey got her Dog Obedience Training certification through Animal Behavior College.  She provides individual training sessions in your home focusing on specific behavior issues.

Tom Hasz

Tom has had pets around him all his life too.  His family had a few dogs and one horse while he was growing up.  He loves animals and is the main dog walker in the business.  Tom is very patient and animals take to him quickly.  He likes it when he arrives to walk a dog and it is very excited to see him.  Tom has thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet so many pets and the people who love them.