We have two rescue dogs—Lobo, a 70-pound Shepard/husky mix and Sunny, a 56-pound lab mix who had been badly abused and left in the Everglades, making her very reticent around people and other dogs, except Lobo. When we took a short vacation, we had put them in a good boarding kennel, but according to the kennel owners, Lobo picked fights with the big dogs and when they mixed him with the medium sized dogs, he bossed them around and as a result, he wound up doing hard time in a cage apart from his buddy Sunny for the couple of days we were gone. As a result, neither one were very happy when we brought them back home. A short time later, we had to leave again for a few days for a family funeral and rather than send them for boarding again, we found an ad for Tracey and Tom. They came out to the house and I was amazed to see both dogs bonded with them immediately. Tom walked them, spent time with them and Tracey came in the evening, fed them and stayed the night with them in our home. The dogs loved it. Since then, we did another small trip and Tracey stayed again and on still another occasion when I came down with a bad case of the flu, Tom came over and walked the dogs for three days. There is no one I would trust more with our dogs and our home than Tracey and Tom and thanks to their professional and loving care, I can pretty much guarantee, neither Lobo nor Sunny will ever see the inside of a kennel cage while we’re living here in Madison. We’ll be more than happy to give you a heart felt and genuine personal recommendation anytime you’re considering T&T Pet Care Services